About iMBEJU

The Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) in collaboration with CRDB Bank Plc through the iMBEJU program (funded by CRDB Bank Foundation) has allocated funds for supporting women and youth in innovation. The iMBEJU programme aims to strengthen the innovation system in Tanzania through support of innovations that contribute to job creation through startup companies. The call aims to facilitate the women and youth innovators to grow and commercialize their product(s).
The purpose of this innovation fund is to provide financial support to implement innovative projects which could contribute to the socio-economic development of Tanzania. The support is for individual innovators, enterprise domain and innovative community to commercialize their product(s) or contribute to the technological advancement and innovation in Tanzania. The fund is a limited resource made available for an agreed set of focused activities with clear deliverables
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The imbeju program in collaboration with costech is inviting youth and women innovators who wish to submit their proposals should focus on the criteria of proposal including words not exceeding 300 words,using Times New Roman(font),12(font size).

The deadline for submission of proposal is 10th April 2023.


The call is open to all Tanzanian Youth of the age between 18-40 years and Women with innovative technology with the aim of developing and commercialize the product.

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For more Information about IMBEJU Program Contact:

Mr. Emanuel Girimwa: 0757525235 (email address: emmanuel.girimwa@costech.or.tz )

For Technical Support on Online Submission Contact:

Mr. Salum Kulindwa: 0717456088 (email address: salum.kulindwa@costech.or.tz )